Cooling System Layout/Design

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2013 Infiniti G37 3.7L (VQ37VHR) 7-spd (RE7R01A)

V.I.N. JN1CV6AP8DM721178

Good afternoon all. Thank you as always for your input here. Customer called me out to look at this vehicle for a driveability concern that only originated after driving for awhile. Long story short, had the P1217 for engine over temperature. Freeze frame showed 285 degrees Fahrenheit (Yikes!) Cooling system was .5 -.75 gallons low. Topped off and pressure tested, finding a significant leak. Originally thought it was coming from the water pump weep hole as it seemed to originate around the driver's side timing cover area. Removed the a/c compressor for better inspection and saw what I believe to be the weep hole. This isn't were the coolant leak is originating and I believe it may actually be where the rear half of the timing cover seals to the block. My question is 2 fold. 1. Is the area indicated in the pictures the weep hole for the water pump? This is right where the two halves of the chain case meet just behind the a/c compressor. 2. Does anyone know whether the rear half of the timing cover seals a coolant passage? It appears to be the case but I'm not that familiar with this engine and service information hasn't been helpful in this regard. Thanks again for the sharing of knowledge. Hope everyone is having a great Thursday so far!



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By injecting some shop air into the cooling system should put you in heaven​.​Try not to go over 35psi.

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Good morning Victor, Thanks for your reply. That's a good tip for leak finding though my issue isn't the location of the leak as much as knowing the design of the cooling system itself. It looks to me like it's the rear half of the timing chain case where it seals to the engine block rather than from the water pump. I believe the hole indicated in the pictures is indeed the weep hole e but I…

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being a Mobile Technician sometimes you have no choice but to turn down some jobs. By how you described it yes you may have to remove the engine. But before you sent it to another shop do some more research to see if you can do the work without pulling the engine.

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Putting the VIN into partsouq​.​com atleast gets the parts breakdown. I've never had the 'pleasure' of pulling one down sorry.

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