Buy an Autel maxiscope mp408 scope kit NEW for $150 off letgo. worth it?

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I have the chance to buy an autel maxiscope mp408 scope, with leads kit as well. 4 channel automotive scope New in the box still. I don't own an autel maxiscope to hook up to, so i'd be using their software on my win 10 laptop. I may purchase a autel maxiscope in the future- not sure at this point. But do you guys think its worth it? I believe this kit is going $600 on amazon prime. btw i'm new to the whole lab scope scene so i'm a total newbie here. any input would be much appreciated.

Elias Owner/Technician
Poway, California
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My opinion is any scope is better than NO scope. If you need to start at low price unit to get your feet(or hands wet) than do it. After you feel more comfortable and you desire something with better specs than get the pico or ats scope. Plain and simple.

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Joe Owner
Columbus, Ohio
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Danny Its not a bad scope. I have several scopes including the MP408. The software on a PC leaves something to be desired to say the least. Using the scope for quick and dirty testing seems to be ok but I use mine with an Autel MS908. It does the job but not crazy about the scope hooked to a PC. Hope that’s helps with your decision.

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Richard Instructor
Palmetto, Florida
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The latest software update for the pc is a significant improvement and I really think it is a very capable scope, especially for someone new to scoping. It doesn’t have all of Pico’s advanced functions but you aren’t going to use them until you get very familiar with scope use. For $150 it’s a steal!!

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Brian Owner
Parma, Ohio
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I have not used the mp408. I would purchase it for that price!

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Danny Technician
Yorkville, Illinois
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Thanks guys for your opinions. I’ll be buying it tonight. Any tips for a rookie on scopes?

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Matthew Mobile Technician
Bartlett, Illinois
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Tons of good YouTube videos and info on here to get started. My biggest suggestion - never start on a broken car. Hook up to your car after work and practice first.

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Brian Owner
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I agree with Matthews suggestion! looking at or expecting to fix a broken vehicle when you are not familiar with what a good vehicle looks like is going to be very frustrating. Working on a good vehicle will allow to see the normal spikes and noise in circuits so you dont think that is something bad ( I have done this ) I am interested in aviation, and one analogy is between scopes and aviation…

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