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Does anyone have experience using the Gscan2 on Hino, Fuso, and Isuzu? I don't see enough of them to justify OE subs, and their subs are expensive, relative to other OEs. I have a CanDo MLT Pro, it is okay but buggy. I am not looking for 100% coverage, but would like to do basic diag and bi-directional tests. I plan to purchase one for the DSO and Hyundai/Kia coverage, but noticed that the Asian MD coverage looked fairly good on paper and was intrigued. 

Oscar Diagnostician

I use the GScan2, but not for trucks, I mainly got it for the Hyundai, & Kia line of cars, it really does good. I have used for other Japanese vehicles and it seems like it does ok. sorry that I can not hel you on the line of trucks.

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Anthony Technical Support Specialist

Hi Matthew: I read your question this morning and wasn't going to reply since I haven't used it on trucks. (I use the OEM tools normally.) I had need to speak with one of the other field reps about another piece of equipment late this afternoon and asked him since I recalled him telling me about it before. He said that it does a decent job on the vehicles that you asked about. He found it

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