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Network Communications
2014 Chevrolet Impala LTZ 3.6L (3 LFX Gas) 6-spd (6T70)
U0232 — Lost Communication With Side Obstacle Detection Control Module - Left

This isnt a post as much about the diag as about the affects of network faults on certain functions of the vehicle. This car came in with complaint of fuel guage stuck on E and Turn Signal indicator erratic on the IPC. Also Service Side Detection System displayed in the DIC on start up. When I got the car the fuel guage was fine. But the Service message and the Turn Signal indicator fault were still current. I didnt plan on posting this diag. The videos are actually for my 15 year old brother who is working in a repair shop this summer and Im just showing him the diag side of this industry. So the videos may seem a little elementary but just wanted to show the effects of a network fault. I thought it was cool how that glitch was affecting the turn signal. The Right Side Object Detection Module had the U0232 lost comm with Left Side Object Detection Module. I also could not communicate with Left Side which is why I unplugged it in the video. And there is a recall on the 2 Side Object Modules for water intrusion. They were backordered for 2 months. We just got them last week so the back order is over now. Enjoy!!



Ray Diagnostician

Great presentation, thank you!

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Michael Mobile Technician

Caleb, Great Info! Having been a young padawan when we had some vehicles around with points and carburetors, progressing to vacuum nightmares and on to electronics, I have to say that the new CAN systems can either make your day or burn up hours of time finding the core problem. Your report supports that we should always look in service information before starting a diagnostic. It can really…

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Dave Owner
South Carolina

Great job and good presentation!

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