Intermittent no crank / no start

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2005 Dodge Sprinter 2500 2.7L (4) 5-spd (W5A380)

Hey I have a intermittent no crank I have been looking into . the Vehicle always starts up Cold first this in the morning , once ran for 10 mins or so it no longer will restart if shut off . The vehicle never quits once it’s been started . also it’s hot out side the vehicle will not start on the first start up . If the starter relay is jumped it will crank but not start , the starter relay is not being commanded to ground by the ecm . The transmission control module scan data pid for park neutral switch shows open and closed changes when the gear selector is moved from park to reverse or neutral . There is no communication with the ECM at the time of the no crank , (I still need to confirm if there is ecm communication on the initial cold start up ) the TCM has codes for data message not received with the ECM. All ECM powers and ground have been tested true and the can bus network is live at the ECM . when The ECM is not communicating or starting the vehicle it still is sending out a 5v reference To the APP sensor ( it’s alive ) . What I believe is happening is the data message for the park switch position is not making its way into the ECM therefore the ECMis not commanding the starter relay , leaning towards the ECM posting this to see if any other suggestion are out there for something I have missed , this vehicle has spent 2 weeks at the Benz dealership had thousands spent on it and nothing fixed . I beleive am on the right track here with my 5 hours spent but asking for some support . Also concerned about the scan tool I am using for scanning the ECM have tried Autel and Snapon both with no communication when the no crank occurs , will aftermarket tools even connect to these sprinters ? Thanks in advance ! 

Mark Technician
Houston, Texas
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I’ve used snap-on modis on some sprinters but i went through mercedes option

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Sam Mobile Technician
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I have tried many aftermarket scan tools on sprinter with mixed levels of success. I would not condemn based on an aftermarket scan tool no comm. Have you scoped the CAN Lines? Is there only one 5 volt feed from ecm? Is the other 5 volts alive? I have had several of these that were no comm with the autel when it wouldnt start. I would unplug any pressure switches and retry comm. I believe this…

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Zachary Mobile Technician
Austin, Texas
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Hey Jeff I agree with the others that the scan tool issue may or may not be related. That said, I've had success communicating with the Sprinters (or at least the one I'm thinking of) with my Snap On Scanner. I believe it was a Freightliner badged 2006 but I imagine the same ecm. If you do have communication when it starts cold then I would monitor as many of the 5V ref sensors as you can on…

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Jeff Owner/Technician
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I have confirmed that when cold , the ecm will communicate with the scan tool , and will crank and run . when hot it will not , I cut the harness at the ecm to see if the tcm messages are reaching the ecm and the network is live on the tcm side of the cut harness , when its a no crank the ecm side of the network is a steady 2.5volts on both wires no changes or messages being sent . this proves…

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