Hunter alignment machine

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Are you in need of a Hunter PA130 2 camera alignment system. 2012 model with 2016 specs. New updates from Hunter are available soon for 2019 specs. Wall mount, remote, printer all included. $5000.00. The picture is for a post mount. This machine is a wall mount. 

Paul Technical Support Specialist
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Not doing alignments anymore?

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Dave Manager
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Just got a new Hunter machine. We do a lot of alignments for body shop and wanted a faster machine. My Hunter rep had the new machine from the SEMA convenient so we got it.

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John Owner/Technician
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Why you getting rid of it ?

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Colin Owner/Technician
United Kingdom
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Targets are being discontinued. Once current stock is exhausted, there will be no more available. Shame that Hunter are not looking after their products like they used too.

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