Used Abs Module 2006 Hyundai Azera

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2006 Hyundai Azera Limited 3.8L (F) 5-spd
Abs Light On

This vehicle had a used abs/esc module installed by another shop. I was asked to check it because the ABS light is on but there are no codes. I tried doing the variant code procedure with the Autel and with the factory scan tool. I also did the steering angle reset procedure. Neither helped. All powers, grounds are good. All vehicle speed sensor register speed on the scanner. The ECM is setting a p0501 vehicle speed sensor code. The data stream shows vehicle speed. I think my issue is the used module. I suspect the shop will have to get a new one. Anyone run across this? 

Matthew Technician
Nova Scotia

I haven't run into this problem specifically but I have been fooled with Hyundai in the past with wheel speed sensor and vehicle speed sensors. Some had VSS mounted on the transmission, some used the right front WSS. Looking at the diagrams for the Azera it looks like the right front wheel speed is used in the ECM diagrams. I also see that the ABS light is fed power from the under-dash fuse…

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Caleb Diagnostician

Do you have an SI source like Mitchell, Alldata, or IDfix?? If you type in P0501 they have a sweet troubleshooting sheet for this code. Long story short the ABS module gets VSS from the Right Front WSS Sensor and sends it over a HARDWIRED circuit to the ECM in the form of a square wave. Pull up the diagram. You will see it. Put a scope in the VSS circuit at the ABS module and at the ECM and…

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Ira Diagnostician
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Ira Resolution

A new ABS/ESC module from Hyundai fixed this car. I was able to perform the variant code procedure along with the steering angle sensor calibration. Thanks for the replies.

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