Subaru Ignition Cylinder

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2005 Subaru Outback R L.L. Bean Edition 3.0L (EZ30D) 5-spd (TG5C7)
No Crank / No Start

Ignition lock cylinder problem. I removed the switch from the back of the cylinder and it started (with a small screwdriver). 

if I round up a used cylinder the key is not programmed to the vehicle's immobilizer. 

can I switch the guts from the used cylinder to the original cylinder? 

local key shop will not attempted to reprogram immobilizer. 

we are fluent in vehicle programming but have not done many subarus. 

will a cardaq m prog the immobilizer? cardaq can only do ecm/tcm. 

Benjamin Diagnostician

I don't see any reason you can't rekey the new cylinder to the old key and ignore the immobilizer issue altogether. I don't know what Subaru cylinders look like, but I do this all the time with Lexus, takes about 5 minutes…

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Jason Owner/Technician

The cylinder will not turn or or it turns just wont crank? Its rare the cylinders themselves go bad. It could still be the switch has hollowed out some and the cylinder is not fully turning it. A screwdriver would still work it if this was the case. If you do change cylinder, you can avoid key programming by purchasing a blank key shell and transferring the old chip into it. I do not think…

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