2000+ YouTube Videos Indexed Into 90+ Playlists

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For the past 4 years I have been curating YouTube videos for use in the classroom. Most videos I index focus on one topic or a specific diagnostic procedure so I can sort them into topic specific playlists. The list has grown to over 2000 videos sorted into over 90 playlists.

I finally have it in a format that I am proud of and am offering it to the automotive service industry at no cost. This is a great resource for public automotive educators, in-house training programs, or even a self study.

Here is the link: gearhead​.​school/course/curated…


Geoff Diagnostician

Oh, wow, I usually spend about an hour a week on the good youtube guys. Have to fast forward most of the talking etc. Just wanna SEE the diag. I know the theory, but not THAT CAR. We see so many things only once out here, a good video can make it like "hmm I have seen this before" which saves hours of SI searching for components and connectors. This is a great idea Grant. I honestly haven't…

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Grant Educator
North Carolina

Geoff, Jump in there and have a look. I tend to only index videos that focus on one component, one system. or one diagnostic procedure. That way I can sort them into very specific playlists. This makes it much easier to find specific info "on-demand". Thanks for the words of encouragement.

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