2017 Ford Side Obstacle Detection Control Module

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Case Study
Autonomous Vehicles
2017 Ford Escape SE 1.5L (D) 6-spd (6F35)
U3000 - Control Module
Blind Spot Indicator Light Stays On In Passenger Mirror

2017 Ford Escape:

Body shop stated after vehicle was repaired the passenger side mirror blind spot indicator stayed on at all times. A quick code scan revealed that something must have been replaced. A quick inquiry lead us to the information we were looking for! the Passenger side obstacle detection module had been replaced at the rear of the vehicle under the bumper because of a collision. A quick look in service info showed us that this module did not need to have a calibration done and just needed to be programmed. 

After programming all was well again. Ford has these nice charts that show what needs to be programmed and what doesn't and if a relearn or calibration is needed after. I was able to find these charts on motologic as well after finding them on the ford service info site. Hope this helps some of you when one of these comes into your bay.


Lane Mobile Technician
Louisville, Kentucky
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Those charts are a must anymore, once I found them I was in heaven. Nice job!

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Chris Technical Support Specialist
Commack, New York
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That's the 418 section of the manual. Also in there is a ton of information on networks. Terminating modules, Messages to/from, Gateway messages to/from etc. Ford does seem to have a great bunch of description and operation stuff buried in there if you know where to look.

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Andres Diagnostician
North Lauderdale, Florida
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Great tip! Thanks!!

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Mike Technician
St. Louis, Missouri
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Thanks Tanner. How do you like Motologic?

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Tanner Instructor
Wellford, South Carolina
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I like it for wiring diagrams. you can highlight a wire and then turn the rest of the diagram gray so it makes it easier to follow that particular wire. The service information is also oe and I like that. Sometimes identifix will have say one or two pages of the oe bulletin but then be missing the rest. Motologic typically has all of it. The procedure for replacing the blind spot was identical

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Mike Technician
St. Louis, Missouri
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Thank you.

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Adrean Diagnostician
Bakersfield, California
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Great post and thanks for the tip .. I wonder if prodemand has that chart I will have to look ..

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Daryll Diagnostician
Seymour, Tennessee
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For guys using Shopkey Pro/ProDemand, same information is available using keyword search of “Programmable Module” Extremely handy info to have

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Jimmy Analyst
Québec, Quebec
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May I use this case study in an upcoming textbook? We'd give you credit. It's for noted textbook author Jim Halderman, who I'm doing research for, regarding case studies like this.

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