2012 MINI cooper failed module programming

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2012 Mini Cooper Countryman S 1.6L (N18B16A) 6-spd (GA6F21WA)
Inoperative Interior Lights Windows Locks Etc And No Ignition Switch Function

This car originally came in with a inoperative joystick for the display on the center of the dash. We replaced the joystick module and found what looked like a soda being spilled on it recently. I attempted to program the module. This is the first attempt to program a BMW(I've programmed several GMs and Fords successfully) with a drewtech cardaq-m. To my utter amazement the pragramming failed on the first module which is the Car Access System module. I did some research and found several interesting tidbits of information that I should've found before hand. Like that BMW programming failure is pretty common and most modules only need to be coded. I know there are alternative ways to recover a failed module on a BMW. Has anyone had success with recovering a failed module? I still can communicate with the CAS module. It has no codes and will not complete a module reset. I attached the complete code scan after the programming failure.

We have an autel maxisys and snap on solus pro and modis scan tools.

Thanks in advance.

Zac Technician
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The Autel should be able to program the Mini Cooper. As long as you have the j box and wifi connected to the autel. I use it all the time at my shop to program Bmw and mini

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Nathaniel Diagnostician
Ashton, Ontario
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Use the Autel. Also, for future reference, the Autel will allow you to program individual modules. Last time I used BMW's software, that wasn't an option. I had a CHAMP-HU brick on me once. Tried everything I could think of to bring that module back to life. Repeated programming attempts, power cycling the module at the beginning of programming, battery disconnect overnight, etc. Final move…

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I have lots of trouble with ista and programming bmw with my cardaq m i wound up buying an icom to save my self all the trouble. going back and forth with bmw they recommended to me that i buy their ethernet to obd connector (not the cheap esys one found on amazon). upon trying to buy it up here in canada it was much easier for me to get the icom and just make the process much easier and faster.

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Al Technician
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Have you tried support at Drew Technologies? I have always found them to be very helpful.

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Allan Owner
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Someone with a Autologic can recover it. I killed 2 with ISTA and saved with AL

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Mihail Technician
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I have had the exact same situation - CAS programming failed after attempt to use Snap on Jbox which is a drew technology jbox and ISTA-P. I recovered the module with Autel. Never had any problems with Autel on bmws. Can’t say the same about Autel and Benz. Sometimes works, sometimes does not. Tried to program the ecu on a 2009 ML 320 diesel a few months ago with an Autel and bricked the module…

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Rudy Technician
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My go to is Autologic first, then Autel.

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Johnny Owner/Technician
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I have never used any other than ista for mini and Bmw I have drew box but never try to used it other than gm or any other import . to recover a module try the suggestion this tech have try but me personally never have lost a module doing a programing or reprograming hope I don't but if it happen I know where ask for help .I have the autologic but I hardly used it the tech support is good but…

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Troy Owner/Technician
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when I have had issues and or before I do somthing that may be a can o worms Ive just called drew tech and they are pretty on it

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Cody Diagnostician
Carbondale, Illinois
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Thanks for all the replys. Big thanks to eric for calling and walking me through this CAS module recovery. I think what caused the programming to fail initially was our cheap battery maintainer. It's an IOTA or something and is rated for 55 amps. When using a DLC breakout box trying to recover the module I noticed battery voltage kept creeping down slowly over the course of testing and got as…

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Nathaniel Diagnostician
Ashton, Ontario
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Great choice. I've always been very happy with my Elite. Side note on programming F-code and later bodies: you'll need an ethernet-injecting OBD cable, as well as a USB to RJ45 adapter. The Autel will prompt you when you need to use them, and show you the proper connections. The OBD cable can be found online, see attached image. The USB/RJ45 adapter is widely available, but only select ones…

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