2006 Highlander — Lack of Power — P3190!!!

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2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid 3.3L (3MZ-FE) (P310)
Hybrid Disable
Lack of Power

Good afternoon,

I am having some issues with a 2006 Highlander 3.3 hybrid.

vehicle currently dIsables HV hybrid system during acceleration for about a couple of miles.

lack of power doesn’t feel like it should be getting up to speed.

have replaced MAF twice with no change.

while looking at engine load and grams per second only reading 60% load and gm/s is about 100. At WOT 

this seems way too low for this engine application 

I then checked fuel pressure and reading 50 Psi steady, fuel trims are close to 0 and no fuel trim codes as we speak.

vehicle originally came in for lack of power but had p0171 and p0174 codes stored for fuel trims. Maf was reading super low before about 2 Grams per second.

There are no misfires under load and watching scan data nothing is out of ordinary.

I then looked at fuel level and it currently reads ¼ tank of fuel. I filled the gas up to ½ tank and the scan tool is only reading 155 on the fuel level PID.

based on the information I have gathered it needs to read higher then that.

I also removed HV ecu and opened up computer and found no burn spots with the circuit board or anything abnormal.

possibly bad instrument cluster?

possibly bad HV ecu?

possibly faulty MAF? 

Saifullah Technical Support Specialist

If it can't push air out, it can't suck it in. How's exhaust back pressure?

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Cesar Technician

Check the screenshot brother

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Stephen Technician

General expectation is at 5000RPM; 39 X 3.3(liters) = 120gm/s

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Eric Owner/Technician

Sure sounds like back pressure needs to be checked

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Matthew Diagnostician

if this indeed was back pressure concern I would expect the measure air flow with maf to be correct and no trim would be added. I would check back pressure for the current symptom. But this doesn't explain the lean codes. the codes don't match the current data collected. I would consider putting the lean codes on the back burner as of right now and focus elsewhere it will take some time for…

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Scott Manager

Hi Jorge, As others have indicated, this sounds like an airflow deficiency. However, for proper data comparative analysis we should know what RPM your 100 grams/sec was acquired at. Moreover, this engine produces peak torque at 3,600 RPM which is where I would want to collect my data from. Ideally, if you're able to record a WOT sweep beginning at around 2,800 RPM and ending at the next shift…

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Jorge Manager

Good evening, Hooked up tester on front cat assembly and ran a backpressure test and found 8psi at WOT!!! they are definitely plugged for sure!! thank you for all the help and support

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