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Hello group,

I am looking for an experienced (5+ consistent years of relevant experience) technician for a 36+ year operating shop in Houston, TX. I think everyone knows what the basic requirements of a technician are, so I won't post a generic responsbility list. This position is for a mainline tech performing routine day work like: valve cover gaskets, starters, a/c compressors, brakes, suspension, alignments, sales cars PDI etc…We are very much a learning shop so you'll get expsoure to more heavy duty work along the way. We are self sufficient in all euro diagnostics software whether that be OEM or aftermarket. You must have your own tools and be self sufficient in that regard. I only say this because I've seen it all…If this is of any interest to you, feel free to email me at and we can start a conversation. 


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How do you stay up to date with newer bmw technology ? How did you become specialist?

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