Gen 1 Volt - Battery Data Log with GDS2

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2013 Chevrolet Volt 1.4L (4 LUU) (4ET50)—1G1RH6E46DU109472
P0A7F - Hybrid/EV Battery Pack "A" Deterioration
Intermittent Low Power
Propulsion Power Is Reduced

Within this resource you'll find a few screenshots from my 2013 Volt which is experiencing a battery issue. This issue surfaced about mid 2018, right after GM introduced a recall on this vehicle. The recall was issued because of a previous calibration that GM released which inadvertently disabled cell balancing. Cell balancing is used during charging to ensure that all the batteries are maintained at the same voltage levels. 

We discovered the recall around September of 2018 and immediately applied the new software. The vehicle has continued to display symptoms related to a failing battery. My range has not really changed, the problem is when the battery reaches the point where the Extended Range ICE is deployed, and after the vehicle is parked for 30+ minutes, after startup, a message appears in the instrument cluster stating: "Propulsion Power is Reduced". This is also accompanied by the ICE running at higher RPM's in an attempt to get the battery charge level to established minimums. After a few minutes, the message will disappear and driving is returned to near normal levels. 

I've been driving the vehicle and logging data as much as I can in an attempt to learn as much as I can about the condition. DTC P0A7F sets intermittently (No MIL illumination) and I was able to log data recently with the GDS2 while recording battery data as reported by HPCM2. I manually added some bookmarks at the beginning of the log to mark where I had made a WOT pull on the freeway. 

When you begin looking at this data, you'll see that GDS2 placed a DTC bookmark (Green trace) where P0A7F set. 

This plot over time shows the point where the DTC set.

This plot highlights the min/max voltage variation that seems to occur as loads change.

Here is the GDS2 Data Export File

Here is the report

I will updating this resource as more data becomes available.