HHR 2008 hard steering wheel

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2008 Chevrolet HHR SS 2.0L (X) 5-spd (F35)
U0100 — Lost Communication With ECM/PCM "A"
C056E — Brake Pedal Position Sensor Supply Voltage Circuit High
B0090 — Left Frontal Restraints Sensor
Hard Steering Whell
Air Bag Light
Lost Communication Ecm/Pcm

code u0100 lost communication clears and comes back. Code C056E calibration of steering not learned I dont know how to do it. Try side to side but steering angle shows zero degrees. Code B0090 rollover sensor keeps air bag light on. This car was reversed jump started and I've fixed fuse boxes, dashboard and ECM tracks. Car starts now and all internal and external lights are working properly but sill has hard steering and air bag problems.

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Hi Radovan. Make sure that: 1. The road wheels are facing straight forward 2. The steering wheel is properly centered. 3. Connect the Tech 2 scan tool (or alternately capable tool) 4. In "Special Functions", select "Steering Position Sensor Calibration" and follow the scan tool prompts. This is located in GM Service Information system, listed under "Steering Wheel Angle Sensor Centering."…

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Paul Mechanic

Does the steering angle pid change at all when rotating steering wheel? Usually when the calibration is off you will have some assist in one direction, but not the other. The module (not sensor) probably was damaged with the reverse jumping. Same with rollover issue. Confirm wiring to modules and sensors before replacing.

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