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2008 Hyundai Veracruz Limited 3.8L (C) 6-spd (F21) — KM8NU13C38U035993
P1690 Immobilizer-Smarta No Response
P1676 Immobilizer-Smarta Message Error
B1614 Lost Comm. Between Bcm And Pic

Verifies customer complaint of some times cranks and wont start or starts/die or cant turn switch. customer had both batteries replaced in fobs and stated no issues for four days. Of course no issues presented for half a day that I watched it, then had to move vehicle and couldn't turn key switch with fob out or inserted. Attempted for about five minutes and then cycled locks via drivers door switch and vehicle started, doubt its related though, as I have had a repeat and cycling switch did nothing more that cycle locks. The bcm comm. code will not clear or sets immediately after clear. I have experienced random no starts and the no fob response during same events as in no locking or unlocking of doors ,yet indicator lights flash once( on fobs) when buttons are pressed. Had one fob work ignition, while the more used fob when inserted causes security light to flash while denying switch rotation-switch back to less used fob and vehicle starts, cycle to more used fob and get security warning and denial again, but have had more used fob work fine after event later in day. I can usually get into smart key with scanner, but sometimes get message for unable to comm or get in and all pids say unsupported. Same with telescopic steering column, which I noticed sometimes works, but usually doesn't via switch on side or scanner command. Mitchell shows PIC is spliced into CAN lines with Tele steering module and its under rear of center console, which I have not been able to locate(pic). Disconnected Tele steering module and scoped CAN lines there and hi and low look clean. Not even sure if I should bother chasing B code as the vehicle behaves at times as expected while code still remains current and is unable to be cleared. The P codes are clearable and only return after a no start event. I have done antenna tests with both fobs around vehicle and always passes if fobs are located in directed position and fail if I have them located other than where directed. Looking for insight, but I am suspecting bcm as it looks like it is control of the RKE function as well as gateway for smartkey and Immobilizer. Also if anyone knows where the PIC immobilizer module is as I would like to verify circuits as long as I have center console loosened up, Thanks in advance to those who take their valuable time to respond.

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Interesting as my scanner states lost off com between bcm and ifu which I can't find what acronym means in either Alldata or Mitchell and Alldata calls out pic, personal identification card in immobilizer which made more sense to me given symptoms. Your info states same message and same exact descriptionas II recall, but with telescopic steering column being module not communicating with bcm…

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