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Giuseppe Engineer Andria, Italy Posted   Latest   Edited  

Hi all, I'm Giuseppe from Italy, I would like to buy ADAS equipment, I’m interested in learning what others here can suggest.


Bob Owner
Baldwinsville, New York

And, we’re off!

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Dean Owner
Albany, New York

Bob, I was thinking the same thing! SHOTS FIRED!

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Scott Manager
Claremont, California

Hi Giuseppe and welcome, I would suggest hitting the search icon and search ADAS. This should provide you with quite a bit of material to supplement your research. Additionally, can you share with us what challenges you’re facing in your market and what solutions are available to you today? Thanks,

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Randy Curriculum Developer
Raleigh, North Carolina

Much of the answer to that question depends on the unique work mix of your location. Thare are systems available in Europe that are not available in the US...yet and may be more in tune with European vehicles. Can you elaborate on your work mix?

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Anthony Technical Support Specialist
Kirkwood, Pennsylvania

Hi Randy: So right you are. This would be my response. Guido

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G Educator
Mahopac, New York

Giuseppe your asking a good question that I believe can only be answered by doing research. European countries may offer other equipment not offered here in the US. If I were you I would stop by OE dealers and independent repair / body shops that currently have and use the equipment. Asking questions will help uncover what systems are working for the shop. Here in the US its Autel that is

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Anthony Technical Support Specialist
Kirkwood, Pennsylvania

Hi G: I trust that things have been going well. I need to correct an omission. You left us out. :) Take care, Guido

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Colin Owner/Technician
Ryton, United Kingdom

Giuseppe, check out the Texa …. I've been using it for 12 months now and nothing comes close to it.

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