February & March Classes

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ATG Upcoming February & March classes...

6.7L Powerstroke EP

  • 02/20 & 02/21 Raleigh, NC with Wally Mouradan
  • 02/20 & 02/21 Salt Lake City, UT with Rick Kelley 
  • 02/20 & 02/21 Santa Ana, CA with Bryan Perrin 
  • 02/25 & 02/26 Warminster, PA with Kris Lewis 
  • 03/04 & 03/05 Timonium, MD with Kris Lewis 
  • 03/04 & 03/05 Billings, MT with Rick Kelley 
  • 03/04 & 03/05 Cedar Rapids, IA with Eric Walker 
  • 03/06 & 03/07 Norwood, MA with Gary Machiros 
  • 03/06 & 03/07 Madison, Wi with Wally Mouradian 
  • 03/06 & 03/07 Bozeman, MT with Rick Kelley 
  • 03/06 & 03/07 Ankeny, IA with Eric Walker 
  • 03/11 & 03/12 Cleveland, OH with Kris Lewis 
  • 03/11 & 03/12 Portland, OR with Jeff Canida 
  • 03/13 & 03/14 Akron, OH with Kris Lewis 
  • 03/13 & 03/14 San Bernardino, CA with Bryan Perrin 
  • 03/13 & 03/14 Eugene, OR with Jeff Canida 
  • 03/18 & 03/19 Memphis, TN with Eric Walker 
  • 03/20 & 03/21 Warwick, RI with Gary Machiros 
  • 03/20 & 03/21 Nashville, TN with Eric Walker 
  • 03/20 & 03/21 Torrance, CA with Bryan Perrin

Vehicle Network Diagnostic Strategies

  • 03/04 & 03/05 Green Bay, WI with Wally Mouradian

Direct Injection & Air Induction Systems Diagnostics 

  • 03/18 & 03/19 Surrey, BC with Rick Kelley
  • 03/20 & 03/21 Vancouver, BC with Rick Kelley

Just a few reminders:

  • Please remember to reserve your seat early to get the Early Bird pricing.
  • If you have taken a class and have yet to submit a survey, please do so! You could win a free manual of your choice!
  • If you don't see your location listed, keep checking back as we will announce new locations every week.
  • Don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list! You will be the first to know about classes coming to your area as well as any NEW SUBJECTS that will be released...
  • You can sign up for these classes via fax, call or online at atgtraining​.​com/classes-and-da…

Have an awesome week & Thank you for your time in reading this πŸ˜Š

Chris Diagnostician
Lansdale, Pennsylvania

Thank you for for the reminder. I gotta get myself signed up this week.

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Sandra Manager
San Diego, California

Awesome! Let me know if you need anything. Thanks!

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Chris Diagnostician
Lansdale, Pennsylvania

Sandra, Spoke to you on the phone today. Just wanted to thank you for the phone call, getting me all situated, and even offering a text message reminder the day before Monday's class. This is my first ATG class, but is not likely to be my last. I've bought your books from AESwave before. I'm glad to be part of a group with sponsors like ATG and AESwave. Thanks again.

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Sandra Manager
San Diego, California

My pleasure Chris. I was great speaking with you. Happy that we got you all squared away for Monday's class. Thank you very much for the compliment! We hope you enjoy the class.

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