Real World Automotive Computers Diagnosis Hands On Class

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Real World Automotive Computers Diagnosis Hands On Class

This hands-on class is useful for entry level and advanced technicians. This course provides an overview of the vehicle’s computer system operation and driveability diagnostics. It also covers Computer Relationships, Component Descriptions, Sensors & Actuators, Scan Tool Troubleshooting Tips, Updates on Newer Advanced Technologies such as CAN, Vehicle Networking Strategies, Data Protocols. Real World Automotive Computers Diagnosis Pages: 85 plus Binding: Spiral wire bound Overview: This book is useful for both intermediate and advanced students. It provides an overview of basic vehicle computer operation for the intermediate student while offering updates on newer advanced technologies such as CAN, vehicle networking strategies, data protocols, and an overview of OBD II Mode 6 that includes sample screens and PID values. Includes vehicle input/output relationships, component descriptions, and scan tool troubleshooting tips. Index for quick reference by topic. Retail price: $60.00

Class Limit of 20 technicians * minimum 10 

Cost $745.00- Includes Book, and Lunch

Instructor: “G” … 

Location: ATTS Training Center 

10 Lupi Plaza, Mahopac NY 10541

Dates: Friday December 13th, Saturdays 14th & Sunday 15th 2019 

Time: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Technicians MUST Register & Pre Pay Mail check or pay by Credit Card to: A.T.T.S. Inc. 10 Lupi Plaza Mahopac, New York 10541

Phone: … Fax: … Pay online at at…raining​.​com

Samuel Technician
Somers Point, New Jersey
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G, Thank you for there a class calendar? I would like to know 45 or 60 days prior to make arrangements for classes that interest me. Two weeks is not enough for my work situation. Thank you again!

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G Educator
Mahopac, New York
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Samuel you are right....I should put the classes up way in advance but I have so many road classes that it's hard to do. I will try hard and try to give everyone a better heads up. Thanks for contacting me.

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Mohammad Owner/Technician
Champaign, Illinois
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I am curious to know what is "Computer Relationships" and how it is defined/explained.

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G Educator
Mahopac, New York
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Mohammad computer relationships are like senses compare and adjust. Example O2 sensor low voltage = Lean condition PCM is like an encyclopedia with tables that will send a output signal to the injectors. Another example could be a MAP sensor voltage change when a EGR opens etc. Hope that answers your question....have a good one

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