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2014 Nissan Pathfinder SL Hybrid 2.5L (QR25DER) (RE0F02H)
No Crank / No Start

So I have a 2014 Pathfinder Hybrid that was brought to me by another shop with limited information. Vehicle had a trans put in it and test drove fine as the other shop was finishing test drive and pulling into their lot the vehicle died and would not restart. It was then towed to me, it originally came in with no com faults in ECM u1003, u0293, u0101 and b2604 in bcm and c1130 in abs. Codes were dumped and no coms have gone away and not come back and only other codes is just the B2604 and C1130. 

I will first start off saying my knowledge hybrids and nissans is limited. When trying the start the vehicle foot on brake Ikey system shows Error message and Park on cluster does not show up at all. When shifting through gears only reverse drive and low will show on cluster and is blank when in P and shows R when in N. In BCM and IPDM scan data all gears are listed although neutral shows reverse and if you hold the shifter between N and D it will finally show N. I found a tsb for the linkage needing to be adjusted and the exact issues/codes I am having. Linkage was adjusted but same issues are occuring. Then going down to the range switch on the trans I have power on blue wire pin 7 and out on blue wire pin 10 when in P and in N. I also have power on light green wire pin 4 and power out of purple wire pin 5 when in park but I do not have power out of pink wire pin 9 when in neutral. Sounds to me like just a bad range switch but unsure why the vehicle won't start in park if the issue is on the neutral pink wire coming out. Also why no P or N on the cluster, when I go into Cluster on scan tool and vehicle is put into P or N it shows off. Looking at a diagram power leaving pin 10 on the range switch goes through junction E21 and E05 and I have load tested power on all pins. Before pulling the cluster out to check inputs at cluster and BCM I am looking for some clarification on how this range switch communicates trans position to each module and how to move forward. Thanks

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The procedure for testing the range switch should be thoroughly investigated.

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