Legality and thoughts on R-1234YF machines NOT meeting SAE specs…

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I have been scouring the inter-webs for a portable solution to R-1234YF recovery, and recharging. Unfortunately the only machines on the market that offer that are either, not portable, or do NOT meet the SAE J2843 spec. 

To clarify, portability would be a unit that fits in my 2013 Ford Transit Connect with all my other programming and diagnostic equipment. So smaller than a standard roll around shop unit.

My personal stance has always been use the right tool with the right specs..... in this case I have been looking to bend my rule a little. Keep in mind I will be speaking with my insurance company first, which may in turn cut my search off, but wondering if anyone on here is doing it, and what they are using. 

Either way I go, I will be following the OEM procedure: performing the vacuum, and pressure test, as well as identifying the chemical in the system, using a electronic leak detector in the floorboard, and all other requirements that go along with YF service, regardless of the unit I chose.


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Keith we have been doing R1234yf for over 3 years. Using the right equipment is essential for a proper job. You are correct with the size issue, they are big. We have the CPS FX3030 that is actually a dual machine for R134a and R1234yf. We only use the R1234yf and never switch it over. The process for use on vehicles we get from body shops is a lot faster than working on our customer's vehicle…

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Great info G.

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Hi Keith, I certainly understand your challenge. A list of all certified machines can be found on the internet at macdb​.​sae​.​org On the left side of the screen, scroll down and check all of the J2843 boxes then scroll up and click search. This will give you al list of the certified machines and ease your search. From a footprint perspective, consider the Mastercool machines as they are on…

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It is always best practice to use the authorized tool to get the job done. From a practicality standpoint we have to look at both the letter of the law and the intent of the law. Having tools that are precision is important. Some of the offshore product may not produce a good result. I still see some of the first R134 machines out there in shops that do not meet the J2810 standard. Nobody is…

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The main reason for my eagerness is the financial opportunity, and the shear amount of interest all my collision center customers have on it. Here is a small amount of market background information to put this into perspective; We have 3 very large collision players in my area, Collision Works, Gerber Collision, and Hourglass Collision.... NONE OF THEM CURRENTLY USE ME FOR ANY SERVICES! These…

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Maybe get a small cargo trailer and put the machine it it? I don't know if a transit can tow anything or not but just an idea!

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It would seem to me that if a RRR machine is to be moved around in a trailer that calibration of the internal scale in the machine might become an issue. I know of a agricultural equipment dealership that is equipped to take their service out to the customer's farm, etc. But they use the same type of portable equipment that the service technician does that services your central AC in your home…

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