The History of Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF): Part 1 - Introduction

John Educator Utah Posted  

If you thought all automatic transmission fluids (ATF) were of the same quality, think again! This 5-part video series shows the history and technological advances that drove changes in automatic transmission fluid specifications since 1939. This is the first of a five part series on the History of Automatic Transmission Fluids. This information applies to almost any vehicle on the road today, including hybrid and electric vehicles. You will learn about the factory specifications and how to tell if any aftermarket ATF really meets the specifications for your vehicle.

  • Part two will cover the history of General Motors automatic transmission fluid.
  • Part three will cover the history of Ford automatic transmission fluid.
  • Part four will cover the history of Chrysler automatic transmission fluid.
  • Part five will cover the history of Toyota automatic transmission fluid.

See my October MotorAge magazine article for an overall summary of the changes discussed in this video series.