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At the ASA-PA Super Saturday event I had the pleasure of setting down with Carman Capriotto of the Remarkable Results Podcast and my friends Richard Falco Jr., Tomi Oliva of Trained By Techs, and our friend Mario Rojas to talk about training and creating a training culture in your shop. We had a fantastic time, we hope that the podcast will inspire you to start that culture! Do not forget to visit TrainedByTechs​.​com for a complete list of training in your area, and around the country!

Hear the episode HERE!

Bruce Technician

I've been trying to do exactly that. 2 of the techs that I work with are on board but the other one is not. He just won't learn, he goes to the classes that our boss pays for but he must not be paying attention. And he will come ask me questions without even trying to look at service information, not even a wiring diagram

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Hans Diagnostician

I've been to a few training classes where techs just don't come back after the break. I can't believe they do that!

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Leo Technician
New York

Thanks, Keith- I just downloaded it to listen to tonight. I'm sorry we didn't meet in Orlando, I was sitting right across from you during G's scope class. Next time!

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