NASTF SDRM 2.0 Training required

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Coming soon is the release of the new upgraded Secure Data Release Model from NASTF. Donny Seyfer asked that we spread the word about the training requirement that must be completed prior to a Vehicle Security Professional being able to access the new system. Please review the NASTF release copied here.

NASTF SDRM2 Scheduled for October Launch

Wheat Ridge, CO (August 29,2018)

The National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) announces the mid-October release of Secure Data Release Model 2.0. The new application is designed to dramatically streamline Vehicle Security Credential applications and renewals from the current 10-20 days down to 7-10 days. For the existing 6,000 NASTF Vehicle Security Professionals (VSPs), SDRM2.0 offers a means to manage their accounts with bank level security, fill out and submit their required Positive ID Forms (D1 form), and collect authorization signatures without the requirement to retain paper copies for two years.

NASTF Chairman Mark Saxonberg, who led the team that performed the ground-up redesign, said, “NASTF is taking the entire security professional program to the next level. We are counting on our VSPs to take that step with us and be even more diligent with vehicle owner's privacy and security.”

Existing VSPs will receive an invitation by email in the next few weeks to view a short training video that will assist them in "migrating their account" to the new SDRM Portal. This will be followed up shortly there after with a required self-paced online training session to learn how to use the new portal. NASTF Executive Officer Donny Seyfer shared, “We have worked hard to develop this tool. As a result, there are some pretty significant changes, so we are building these training pieces to help our VSPs hit the ground running and take advantage of the tools we are providing to them. With help from our friends at the CARQUEST Technical Institute, VSPs will be able to take the training any time and come back to it if they have questions later on.”

NASTF was established in 2000 to maintain an open dialogue between automobile manufacturers (or OEMs) and aftermarket repair technicians and to identify, communicate and resolve gaps in the availability and accessibility of automotive service information, service training, diagnostic tools, and equipment for the benefit of automotive service professionals and their customers. NASTF was incorporated in 2006. Additional details can be found at nastf​.​org.

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I have seen this notice circulated on social media yet I can find no mention of it on the NASTF website. What's up with that? I've looked on the Locksmith page, the news page and others but not a word of this can be found. Shouldn't this be all over the NASTF site? I wanted to see if I could get the process going to upgrade my cert but other than what you posted, I see nothing.

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Donny will post shortly I’m sure. He’s running hard getting this to the finish line.

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