Saab ECU flashing and cloning options

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There has been a lot of recent discussion regarding alternative tools and methods for programming/flashing/cloning ecu's. I recently worked on a Saab from another shop that needed a replacement ecu. I have a Tech2 but I have never had a Saab card. Because of this I did some searching on programming Saab's to see if this was a job I could complete.

I came across some open source software called Trionic CAN Flasher that is made specifically for Saab computers. After doing some research on this software I felt it was worth a try. It turns out this software is very powerful and reliable. It covers Trionic 5, 7 and 8 ecu's and allows you to flash and clone engine ECU's. When cloning an ecu it copies and writes all the vin and security info so after the process is done there are no followup steps needed. Just start the car and you're done.

So if you're in need of a Saab solution this may be something you want to look at. There are many interfaces you can use. I used my AEZ Flasher 2 and it worked great. There is a little learning curve and it's usually a 2 step process so I would advise you to register for the forum where you can get lots of information. 

These are the steps as posted in the forum for cloning a Trionic 8 ecu

1: start trioniccanflasher, select T8 and your interface

2: read ecu content from the original ecu

3: select t8 mcp and read ecu again

4: switch to the new ecu

5: make sure legion bootloader and unlock sys partitions are checked

6: select t8 mcp and flash that

7: select t8 and flash that

All done and ready to go :)

It was literally that easy.

I'll also add a link to a youtube video which was where I first heard about this. This tech shows how he used the tool for the first time and successfully cloned a used ecu.

Original ecu

New ecu

Ronald Mechanic
Ronald Default

Thank you. I have a saab card and tis2000 for saab but this might be useful for headaches,which all saabs are:) I use a card reader program that I keep on old XP laptop with every software the tech 2 ever had,even the weird saab code specific software. Then when you need a particular software you slide card in computer and write it. I have done quite a few CIM and door modules but no pcm's,that…

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Paul Technician
Paul Default

Thank you Bob!! I’ve only programmed one Saab. This is good info to have in case I get another one.

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Dean Owner
New York
Dean Default

Wow. Thanks for taking the time and posting this!!! This is powerful stuff!!

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Michael Mobile Technician
Michael Default

Bob, Great find. Thanks for sharing.

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Matt Technician
Matt Default

Thanks Bob! When it comes to Saabs we need all the help we can get.

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Rick Technician
Rick Default

Thank you Bob, We still see a few of these cars. Great info. See you Monday at TST

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Albert Owner/Technician
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Thank you this is the kind of stuff techs need

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Darren Owner/Technician
New Jersey
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Hi, i have been going back and forth with this cloning process for months because im dealing with a 2010 9-3x (xwd specific ecu #… to allow fuel guage work) The software works wonders, easy and free as stated, i bought an obd2 cable on amazon for around $40) My question is where did you find that ecu? im looking for the source of where the "NEW" saab ecu's come from? supposedly there IS…

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Bob Owner/Technician
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Darren, Sorry I missed this post. I just now saw it so I will replay even though it's a bit out of date. I did this job for another shop and they supplied me with the ECU. I didn't try to find one but I would think if you spent some time googling it you could find a supplier. The nice thing about the Trionic software is that it gives you the ability to use used ecu's. You are basically cloning…

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