An instructor led lesson on MAP sensors - with Tim Dwyer

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2 PM Eastern Daylight Time T-W-Th - tinyurl​.​com/ux6vdmo


"An instructor led lesson on MAP sensors" will be

the topic this week where we will be using ConsuLabs latest

design EM-140 Engine bench, with a tablet attached to the

engine for educational direction.

Participate as Tim uses TeamViewer to remotely control an

Autel scan tool from Oklahoma, with the engine in Quebec

City, where ConsuLab President Kevin Boden will be in the

support role. It'll be fun!

We will show how to use our engine benches to actually

create performance issues related to the MAP sensor. To

literally show how that looks on scan data as well as back

probing the computer and how it actually makes the engine

sound and perform.

Join us in this cool session split over three days.

On the third day, Thursday, we will take another peek into

the technology used to teach distantly. Feedback has shown

overwhelming support from instructors who have found great

value in this session where we explore behind the

scenes on how to present in many different ways, and

the pitfalls that may happen along the way.

Here is the link: tinyurl​.​com/ux6vdmo [tinyurl​.​com]

Don't be late.