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Has anyone ran across some training where an instructor uses a microamp clamp on a can network,

I think there is some real value in that waveform,

but I would love for someone to tackle that subject 

head on.

Proof positive of bidirectional communication 

Ben Technical Support Specialist
United Kingdom

Hi Darren, It's something that caught our attention when testing the BNC+ 60A current clamp, TA473. Whilst you can't decode on it you can certainly see direction which if on a branch will tell you if the ECU is sending data out onto the bus. This forum post has a video of what you can see. picoauto​.​com/support/viewto… Hope it helps. Kind regards Ben

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Philip Educator

Thanks, Ben. That is a helpful video on the Pico current clamp. Though about twice the price of the cheaper low amp probes, it doesn't require a 9v battery (mine seems invariably to be dead as it doesn't have an auto-shutoff.) It would be cool to see a comparison between the Pico and the cheaper one on the same circuit. Of course, I could do it myself, except that I don't own a TA473, only the…

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Eric Owner/Technician

I've done this type of communication testing many times. I use it to watch the scan tool talk to (or attempt to talk to) a module. I can see the signals from the scan tool and see if the polled module responds. I just use my regular low current clamp. I've used it with a Tech2 on an older Corvette, with a MDI on a … GM product and an Autel on Honda and Subaru vehicles. It is interesting…

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Richard Instructor

It is in one of our CTI classes where we try it. I would try to catch Adam Robertson teaching our Communication Breakdown class on CTIonline​.​com i will say the one problem I have seen is that the micro amp clamp I have tried could not catch the signal very well.

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Matthew Owner/Technician

I second this. Adam has put a ton of work into his classes and course material and he's amazing at the Pico. As an instruction he's very enthusiastic!

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