Does the BCM need programming when replaced

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2008 Dodge Sprinter 2500 3.0L (5 EXM) 5-spd (W5A380) — WDWPE745185254889
Rf Window Inop

I tested the wires from the BCM/SAM by adding a power and ground going to the RF window, window works, thus removing the possibility of a broken wire. The BCM/SAM scan data shows when I open and close the window from the master or passenger switch. Either way the window doesn't move. I did test the fuses but not the ground just yet. I don't suspect a problem since everything else works including the LF window. I will test the grounds soon. 

My question is does the BCM need to be programmed if replaced?

Thanks Fred 

Marlon Owner/Technician

Needs scn coding if new. Used needs cloning.

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Fred Owner/Technician

Thank you, can the Autel elite scanner do this? Or factory is the only way to go?

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