Purge and Fuel Mixture Faults in ME

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2009 Mercedes-Benz C300 Sport 3.0L (272.947 Flex) 7-spd (722.9)
Before Twc Right :Lambda Control Is At Rich Stop.(P0171) 0745 Self-Adaptation Of Mixture Formation For Enrichment At Idle For The Right Cylinder Bank Is Above The Permissible Limit.(P0171) Engine - Me Motor Electronics
Faults 1077 Mechanical Defect Or Component Y58/1 (Purge Control Valve) Is Permanently Open(P2421) 1089 A Very Fine Leak In The Evaporative Emission Control System Was Detected. 1050 Lambda Control


1. The purge valve is jammed in the open state due to a magnetic short between armature and pole core.


1. Check condition of purge valve and check its production date

The production date is marked on the upper shell of the purge valve.

2. Replace purge valve if production date is 09T306, 09S306, or 09N306.