FJDS on Win 10 Enterprise?

Daryll Diagnostician Seymour, Tennessee Posted   Latest   Edited  

Just curious if anyone has had success with installing FJDS a Windows 10 Enterprise?

Received this error message when attempting install. Called Ford support, and they were quick to let me know that they do not support this OS and wouldn’t even tell me what the code meant.

Anyone have a similar result?

Edit: For clarification, the pc in the questions belongs to a shop, not myself. I encouraged them to look into installing a fresh copy if Win 10 Pro 64 bi, then we’ll go from there. The shop was wanting a good computer to use with their new pass thru

Mark Mechanic
Georgetown Township, Michigan
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If you just updated your Windows 1903 version recently, that could be the problem. I have had a lot of errors with any non Microsoft programs. Just a thought.

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Daryll Diagnostician
Seymour, Tennessee
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This pc belonged to a shop and wanted to use it for flashing. Had read of different conflicts that result from the Enterprise version, and I ran into this one today

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Jeff Technical Support Specialist
Albuquerque, New Mexico
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While I am not completely familir with the FJDS prodict the error code is a generic failed to load file from Microsoft, in this case, the fnpss​.​dll which is a (Dynamic Link Library). The following is the system requirements page and Windows 10 Enterprise is not listed: fordtechservice​.​dealerconnection​.​com/vdirs/wds/diag…​.​asp . That said…

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H Educator
Aberdeen, United Kingdom
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Hi Daryll, you probably already know this... A dll is (as Jeff say below, is a Dynamic Link Library). A dll is essentially a collection of commonly used procedures (mini software programs) which are ’called‘ by a vendor supplied package and return specific pieces of information. It is sometimes possible to manually install dlls- often the dll file simply needs copied to a specific OS (Windows)…

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Anthony Technical Support Specialist
Kirkwood, Pennsylvania
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Hi Daryll: From an academic standpoint, if you are looking to hack the file to force the install, viewing this may help. github​.​com/diorcety/mazda…​.​sh From a practical business standpoint, it's not worth your time to be married to it. To answer your question, no. If someone doesn't respect the issues involved enough to understand PC Specs and the reasons for them…

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Geoff Diagnostician
Lahaina, Hawaii
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Love the hacking code, errr, um, "academic", stuff Guido. I used to lose myself for hours in web HTML/CSS (the only languages I know anything about), changing this and that, and seeing what happened. Then I got back into auto repair......groan.

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Matthew Mobile Technician
Bartlett, Illinois
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I went down the same road one time with IDS. We had to install it on Windows 10 Pro computers. FJDS has a lot of similarities to IDS, so I am assuming it has the same incompatibility issue. Unfortunately I know of no way around this.

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