ATG automotive training group webinars and manuals are top quality

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I have watched several training webinars last month that ATG automotive training group offered to help technicians keep up with the ever changing vehicle systems. I purchased the webinar and manuals for each topic and I learned a lot while watching the webinars and the manuals which are chock full of information that is well written and helpful while working on the vehicle. When I read the books it is like learning from your mentor in the next bay with practical tips and pictures and easy to understand operation of the system you are diagnosing and repairing. Last month I watched: Direct injection and air induction system diagnostics. Ford 6.7 liter Power stroke engine. Advanced scan tool diagnostics. GM drivabilty and code diagnostics. Mechanical and Variable timing and valvetrain diagnostics. Based on the the excellent information provided in those classes, I decided to buy the webinars and manuals for june and I am pleased with what I am learning already. I just watched: Transmission in-car diagnostics And next week they are covering: Evaporative emissions systems: leak, flow and function testing. Then later in the month they are covering diesel aftertreatment systems and they are having a bundle deal on books for ford powerstroke 6.7 and GM Duramax LML and LGH, and Cummins 5.9 liter and 6.7 liter. Pick the ones you like at check out. I am learning a lot and covering more topics for the money with some webinar class instruction and some book studying of the materials offered. If you sign up for a class they are offering a 20 dollar discount on books not covered in the webinars also. Thank you everyone at ATG for helping the folks in the bays to get better at keeping vehicles on the road !!

Felix Technician
Miami, Florida
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coulnd't agree more, been attending to atg training here in miami since 2013 , the trainers are great , Wally is one of the best trainer I had so far and the manuals are incredible, for sure I can tell, that they make me better tech, thanks ATG

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Sandra Manager
San Diego, California
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Wow! Thank you so much Mike & Felix! Your message as to how training is helping you means the world to us. Thank you so much! Sandra

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Thomas Diagnostician
Bensalem, Pennsylvania
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They are the best around have been following there training for over 20 years

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