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As difficult as it is, I'll play this one straight. There are soooo many ways for me to take this off the rails with puns. I mean the jokes were writing themselves. 

Still, it's worth thinking about and not just with A/Vs. Scott was exposed to an issue with a bent bracket on a Nissan. A relevant TSB for the code he had refers to a dirty sensor though. This will be more and more common. 



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I don’t see that system working well especially in the north east or anywhere it snows. Another thing I think they have failed to consider in the software is icy roads. I was speaking with my brother a couple weeks ago that bought a vehicle with lane keep assist last year and asked him how he liked it. He said in the winter he had to shut it off. Every time the road had slush on it and the…

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Hi Tanner: As someone who lives in the Northeast, (well, relatively speaking), I understand your point. I have to turn off traction Control to go up hills in the snow or else I lose my throttle. The described systems have some issues, as you noted. The one is kind of like Porsche's headlamp washers. The BJ may have merit. In this …e, they're dealing with an A/V that has Mondo the sensor/s…

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I live in the northeast and keeping bugs and other debris off the front of your car can be a chore. I guess they are finding out just how hard it is to clean bug guts off anything.

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Also in the Northeast Maryland, I'm interested to see how this all works out. I think back to F1 racing and how they keep the camera lenses clean for the onboard shots. These systems work at near 200mph but the time delay is certainly more than 1 second.

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