CTI Class: Diagnostics using OE Wiring Diagrams

David Diagnostician North Carolina Posted   Edited  

Good morning everyone, Based on the volume of calls I’m getting, I’m guessing that everyone is slammed right now. I hope y’all will have an opportunity to celebrate Independence Day next week with family and friends. As a nation we may not be perfect, but we’re still a beacon of hope for the rest of the world. Please don’t forget those who have paid the price for our freedom during your festivities, there are millions of us walking around amoung you. 21 take their own lives every day. Want to help? dav​.​org On a lighter note, I’ll be teaching an innovative class next Tuesday and Thursday evenings (5 & 7 July 2022). This won‘t be your basic entry level wiring diagrams class. The class will teach advanced diagnostic techniques coupled with OE Asian factory Schematics. It’ll be a great class (potentially even better if you’re there 😁). Please join us if you can. Here’s the link for the flyer: 


Thank you!