Best “Known Good” Database?

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I wonder if you guys can recommend the best source for “known good” scope data? I’ve seen The Automotive Technician (TaT - tat​.​net​.​au) and wonder if there are alternatives or indeed others resources that would be worthwhile running in parallel?

Thank you and as always, look forward to your replies.

George Owner/Technician
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iATN NETWORK has stored wave forms as well as Pico

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Randy Diagnostician
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There are a lot of face book groups that share . Automotive lab scopes..the automotive waveform exchange just to name a few

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Eric Mechanic
North Carolina
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Autonerdz has a good data base as well as a number of forums. You have to be a member to access a lot of their stuff. And of course building your own collection of known good waveforms is a sound investment in time.

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Justin Mobile Technician
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Have you looked at the resources area here on DN?

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Sean Owner
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Facebook group: The Automotive Waveform Exchange

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James Owner/Technician
New Zealand
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Here in NZ we have a good database if you use an ATS scope brought from a local company called AECS, they have a really good scan tool forum and another scope forum.

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Scott Manager
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Hi Adam, Hit the search icon and poke around. Here’s a short demo video to help get you started. IMHO, pros are going to need access to multiple data sources to be successful, these same pros should consider contributing information to help us all succeed In return. Let me know if you have any questions.

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