Trained By Techs sends a 3rd guest to attend the Vision Hi-Tech Training Conference!

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With the outstanding support from a few of our friends, Bruce Oliver​ and Mike Oden​, TBT was able to fund a 3rd hand picked technician to be able to attend the career changing Vision Hi-tech training conference in Kansas city.

Richard Falco Jr.​, a TBT member and full time Trainer for Carquest Technical Institute (CTI) chose a technician that is a regular at his classes. Rich had felt he deserved to be there due to his drive and passion for education in the automotive industry yet may not be in the financial state to be able to attend. 

Congratulations Andres!

And Thank you all for your support! 


Joseph Technician
South Carolina

Well dang I knew I should of kept driving up to Richards classes 😉. Shout out to Bruce, Mike and TBT its awesome what you guys are doing. if I see you guys there I might be able to help out with the beverage fund

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Andres Diagnostician

Thank you Bruce Oliver and Mike Oden!!! Thank you soo much All of you!! You all have inspired me to be where I would like myself to be not just for myself but my 5 yr old daughter who looks up to me. I would like to thank Richard Falco for guiding me in all the right directions, surrounding me with individuals who are alike and that I can grow from. Id prolly still be lost if it wasn’t for you…

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Chris Diagnostician
New York

Andres, you got here by being you. Never discount that. Keep it up. See you there. Make sure to get a lot of sleep before going, because you will NOT be getting any while there!!!! Congrats again!!!

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Eric Owner/Technician

Congratulations Andres!

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