Mazda tcm programming

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2007 Mazda 3 S 2.3L (L3V) 5-spd

Hey yall, i just have a quick question. another tech in my shop sold a TCM on a 07 Mazda and they where getting ready to ship it to the dealer for flashing, but i have the tools. i have not done any Mazdas yet, the information in the J2534 toolbox and whats on the website dont match up, on the site it says PCM only. I have a VCM1 and a Snappy PTP4. do i need something else to flash this? thanks.

Robert Mobile Technician
Newark, Delaware
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No programming needed. Plug n play.

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Todd Mobile Technician
Morinville, Alberta
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I second that . 4 speed in the PCM, 5 speed under the battery tray, mounted on the trans. or newer under the dash.

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Sean Owner/Technician
Santa Ana, California
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Same here, just plug and play, did not need any programming.

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Caleb Diagnostician
Mishawaka, Indiana
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That one is plug an play

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Joe Owner
Columbus, Ohio
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Scott, no programming required on that one man.

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Christopher Owner/Technician
Tucson, Arizona
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Mazda tcm does not need programing

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Scott Technician
Chico, California
Scott Resolution

Thanks y'all. Dealer swore it had to be flashed. But it worked out of the box. wish there was a place i was able to verify if and what needs programming before hand besides opening a help ticket. thanks again

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Robert Mobile Technician
Newark, Delaware
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I do diagnostics and programming for other shops and I can't tell you how many times I get calls from shops saying that the dealer said it needs to be programmed. Or it'll go the other way, the dealer said it didn't need to be programmed but now it won't start. Who at the dealer told you that it needed to be programmed? I'm the guessing the parts department? Unfortunately they don't seem to know…

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