Can program but not communicate

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2006 Ford Freestyle Limited 3.0L (1) (CFT30)
No Communication

Hi guys, I have this auction Freestyle from a dealer, It has been to several other shops, it had no communication with PCM, all other modules communicate. 

I checked all my powers, grounds and communication pins at the PCM, every thing tests good so I condemned the PCM.

Customer supplied a used PCM, I programmed it with the IDS using blank module programming with no problem, when it completes and trys to id the vehicle it will no longer communicate.

I can go back and program it over and over with no problem with the old PCM or the replacement with no problems or errors but I cant communicate with it after. Not sure what I'm missing

Michael Mobile Technician
Clinton, Utah
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Hi Charles, Try communicating with an aftermarket tool. First try vehicle specific then OBDII Generic. It may be a problem with your VCMII. -Mike

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Matt Technical Support Specialist
Dallas, Texas
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I had a fleet that their inline DLC GPS units would do this. It through me for a loop at first, but all I had to do was unplug it.

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Dean Owner
Albany, New York
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That might be a DLC pin fit issue. Try another scan tool.

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Mark Technical Support Specialist
El Cajon, California
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Chuck, Does the vehicle run? If not I have experienced this situation with other Fords when the FEPS line is shorted to power. When this happens the PCM will go into a no communication mode but will be programmable. Pin 44 at the PCM/ pin 13 at the DLC should have no voltage present unless programming.

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Chris Technical Support Specialist
Commack, New York
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I'm not sure how VREF output acts during programming, but if the module is powering up properly even with no comms, you should see a Vref at any easy to reach Vref sensor (TP, IAT, ect.)

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Charles Owner/Technician
Turlock, California
Charles Update

No vehicle specific communication, only communication is with a snap on OBD2 IOS15765-4(CAN) with very little and incorrect data, no codes. I have not found anything in tapped or plugged in to the DLC or communication lines. I have no voltage on pin 13 of the DLC. Good to hear from you Mark, bought … last year but still have Advanced Diagnostics MDG. 5V reference is good after

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Chris Technical Support Specialist
Commack, New York
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5V Vref is good, that means that the PCM should be in a powered up state, Do you still have the ids?? Have you run the network test to evaluate for networking faults on the bus?? Might not be a bad idea to scope the HS can and just make sure the patterns are not corrupted. Have you checked the terminating resistance?

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Nicholas Diagnostician
Brooklyn, New York
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Hi, not sure if this would help since you already tested power supply. When checking powers and grounds did you load test each circuit?

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Jaime Diagnostician
Ocala, Florida
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Chuck, what does the odometer show?

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