Repeat CEL and codes Mercedes Benz 12 cylinder

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2002 Mercedes-Benz S600 5.8L 5-spd
P2050 — Reductant Injection Valve Circuit/Open Bank 2 Unit 1
P2051 — Reductant Injection Valve Circuit Low Bank 2 Unit 1
P2045 — Reductant Temperature Sensor "A" Circuit High
P2044 — Reductant Temperature Sensor "A" Circuit Low
P2043 — Reductant Temperature Sensor "A" Circuit Range/Performance
P2056 — Reductant Injection Valve Circuit/Open Bank 2 Unit 2
P2053 — Reductant Injection Valve Circuit/Open Bank 1 Unit 2
P2055 — Reductant Injection Valve Circuit High Bank 1 Unit 2
P2046 — Reductant Temperature Sensor "A" Circuit Intermittent
Check Engine Light On

I just inherited this car from another shop tonight before going home. As I understand it, they did some troubleshooting, and ended up replacing the spark plugs, and the right hand coil pack. They've cleared the codes, only to have the CEL come back on, and the codes return. I have not trouble shot anything, simply ran the scanner to see what codes were there.

P2051, P2052, P2053, P2055, P2056, P2043, P2044, P2045 and P2046. I did quickly drive the car, (a short distance) and at idle, or going down the road, you can not feel any misfires.

I plan on checking power and grounds to the coil pack, check the connector boots, under the coil pack and check for vacuum leaks along the intake.

Any additional thought to throw into the mix?

I also wanted to point out, the code descriptions in the heading are not the same descriptions provided by our Autel scanner. the scanner is showing all codes pertaining to misfire on each cylinder on the right bank.

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See if this helps you.

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I did see that bulletin, but didn't see that it applied to the v12 cylinder engine. But it might?

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These had issues with the cylinder cutout system. The fix was to disable the feature by coding it out with SDS. Those code definitions are not right as listed. Some of those are misfire codes. There was a bulletin on this, but I don't have it handy.

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Hope this helps.

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First, I thought I'd closed this out last year. I remember working on it with another technician, and we did update the PCM software, verified the coil pack wiring, powers and ground. The other tech put new cat's on the right bank, but ended up taking them back off as they didn't help. We did make progress with the way the car drove, but the owner decided he'd live with the check engine light…

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