Addblue system refill problem

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No Engine Restarts Possible

Hi ,

rangerover vogue 2016 4.4L diesel .

engine not start,warning message(no engine restarts possible) .we add fluid (addblue) but car still not start .i try to reset by Autologic but it not works​.​you can see faults code on the photo attachment .


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Jaafar, I would send in a case to our software department so they can evaluate the software log and provide a fix. Now that engine never came to the US so I am not sure if the process is the same but i would assume it is. Depending on the software log next option is to have the start inhibit reset with SDD.

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Aly Diagnostician
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Hi Alan, i receive an email from Autologic UK,u can see it on attachment. but customer said that 18litre addblue was filled ,we try to reset by drivepro without success,i do not know if there is a problem on the car or fluid filling procedure or drivepro software Issue! how many addblue liters i should fill ?! plz advice!

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Hi Aly, We have had this a few times recently on Jaguar and Land Rover last one a few weeks ago, at the time AL Assist was unable to perform the necessary reset procedures but AL knew about it and there has since been a software update but I have not tried it to see if it now works. I used SDD to do it, as far as I am aware there are currently only SDD and Diagnostic Associates DA-ST512 tools…

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