2012 Volkswagen Passat Network Codes

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Network Communications
2012 Volkswagen Passat Comfortline 2.5L (CBTA) 5-spd (0A4)
U0155 — Lost Communication With Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) Control Module
U0212 — Lost Communication With Steering Column Control Module
U0164 — Lost Communication With HVAC Control Module
U0146 — Lost Communication With Gateway "A"
U0461 — Invalid Data Received From Audible Alert Control Module
U0199 — Lost Communication With "Door Control Module A"
U0140 — Lost Communication With Body Control Module
Rough Idle
Start Up Rough
Cluster Gauges Erratic


Have a euro concern here. Seeing if you Euro guys knew how to navigate the ERWin Volkswagen service repair online information. I bought a 3 day subscription. I typed the U codes to try and find a diagnostic flow chart or at least some guidance on how to diagnose these codes like you normally would. Also tried checking TSB's on there website. Since new to the whole layout seems a little confusing finding information in the search bar. I didn't know this in the beginning but Volkswagen also has a subscription service for diagnostics. Not sure if this deals with programming or key information. Or if this is where I would get further in depth diagnostic information. I have Mitchell and indentifix both of which are of no use. Any help is appreciated. Starting to cross over into EURO really like working on them just seems like jumping through hoops to find information. 


Brandon Diagnostician

Id check the battery main ground to the chassis near under the battery tray area . Know for corrosion

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Caleb Diagnostician

I am assuming the car is a crank, no start? Is that the symptom you are trying to fix?. You will not find a DTC troubleshooting sheet in Erwin probably. The DTC guides are in ODIS (the OE scan tool). So unless you have ODIS then doubtful you will find a DTC troubleshooting tree. Either way this looks too be a fault with the Comfort/ Interior CAN. Really no need for a DTC trouble tree. Diagnose…

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Charles Technician

VW uses a system called guided fault finding GFF. The diagnostic information you are looking for is part of the factory ODIS scan tool. The scan tool directs you through the diagnostic process, like a flow chart. ERWin is more repair instructions, procedures, bulletins and service information.

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Robert Technician

Might verify the PCM power relay is good for starters no Idea what # or location it is ,

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Rod Diagnostician

Can you post a lab scope pic of can bus? this would be my staring point.

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Chadwick Diagnostician
United Arab Emirates

Very Commo problem with the VW no comm is a faulty Gateway module.

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Noah Technician
North Carolina

Having this same failure same engine even year vehicle (Passat 2.5). Currently sitting outside the shop. I found that the car would no communicate randomly - start up and die exactly like an immobilizer issue. Randomly the vehicle will communicate engine start and toss these above faults. Take a look at that instrument cluster wiring and you will notice the instrument cluster communication wires…

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