T444E CMP Sensor

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1996 International 4700 7.3L (T444E)
Albin Diagnostician
Leavenworth, Washington

Matt, thanks for the video. Over the years, I have replaced a lot of those sensors in ford pickups, all because of a code. I don't think I have ever hooked up a scope to one, except to verify sensor operation on a no start problem.

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Jeffry Educator
Québec, Quebec

Thanks Matt,

I was looking for an old capture of mine of a 444 3 box system that was running bad. We had just gotten a donation from Fluke with a 98, which I thought was hot stuff at the time. (;

This signal was up and the engine was running when Dan Beeson walked by and said, "Man that one is really bad!". And I went, "Ummm...how so?" Either the off edge or the on edge was not "sharp" and the computer didn't get a clean signal. Well over 20 years ago and I remember my lesson on that sensor well.

Thanks for taking the time to post the video.

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Michael Diagnostician
Champaign, Illinois

Good job Matt. I use deep record quite often. Matt do you know you can make the Pico run like a Modis? Just do a trigger and put the trigger completely away from the signal and it fools the Pico, so the screen runs continuously with no gaps, therefore if you have a glitch, you will see it and not miss it. Did you get that problem Truck you were working on figured out?

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Matthew Mobile Technician
Bartlett, Illinois

Sorry for the late reply, missed this one. I could not really get a solid answer from the Detroit dealer on what they did... it was an expensive bill and they did a lot of random work to it. I did go to the shop and verify that it did a regen okay... to be honest I was not confident it was fixed. They even charged labor to make a special tool, at the dealer lol...

Thanks for the tip. I use the trigger a lot to pick up the glitch in certain situations. I will have to try that. These CMP sensors usually act up pretty regularly once they get hot, so the deep record may even be overkill... but what is the fun in simple? ;-)

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