T444E CMP Sensor

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1996 International 4700 7.3L (T444E)
Albin Diagnostician

Matt, thanks for the video. Over the years, I have replaced a lot of those sensors in ford pickups, all because of a code. I don't think I have ever hooked up a scope to one, except to verify sensor operation on a no start problem.

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Jeffry Educator

Thanks Matt, I was looking for an old capture of mine of a 444 3 box system that was running bad. We had just gotten a donation from Fluke with a 98, which I thought was hot stuff at the time. (; This signal was up and the engine was running when Dan Beeson walked by and said, "Man that one is really bad!". And I went, "Ummm...how so?" Either the off edge or the on edge was not "sharp" and the

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Michael Diagnostician

Good job Matt. I use deep record quite often. Matt do you know you can make the Pico run like a Modis? Just do a trigger and put the trigger completely away from the signal and it fools the Pico, so the screen runs continuously with no gaps, therefore if you have a glitch, you will see it and not miss it. Did you get that problem Truck you were working on figured out?

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Matthew Mobile Technician

Sorry for the late reply, missed this one. I could not really get a solid answer from the Detroit dealer on what they did... it was an expensive bill and they did a lot of random work to it. I did go to the shop and verify that it did a regen okay... to be honest I was not confident it was fixed. They even charged labor to make a special tool, at the dealer lol... Thanks for the tip. I use the

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