labor Rate and how to get to correct number

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Why should Labor Rates be higher??

Join Rocky …​, Cecil J Bullard​, and Patrick Howard​ as they discuss Setting Labor Rates within your shop, and find out for yourself. As well as the difference between effective labor rate and posted labor rate.

It could be costing you thousands...

Catch them Live Thursday morning, just before the Leading Edge, at 8:30am-PDT. You can Register below.....Register at:zoom​.​us/webinar/regist… Find more about the ASCCA at: ascca​.​com Or Visit Iforabe​.​com for more information about the Institute.

Brin Diagnostician

Thanks for the heads up Rocky! I'll be sure to catch this.

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Excellent topic. In order for us in the industry to pay our technicians what they deserve and worth, tooling necessary to do the job, and the TRAINING required to perform then we need to professionalize our businesses to the highest possible degree and charge appropriately!

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