Reset IAC motor

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2000 Infiniti I30 3.0L (VQ30DE) 4-spd
High Idle

Hey Guys, quick question, 2000 Infinity I30, I need to reset the plunger on the IAC. Dean Parson from ATG told me years ago how to put power to the 2 power pins of the IAC and flick the other 4 in a the correct order to extend the plunger. Can someone tell me the correct order to extend the plunger? 


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Here is a link to how the circuit works from Paul Danner youtube​.​com/watch?v=Wt_zTJ…; I am not real familiar with this vehicle but I can tell you the two red wires are your power wires so you would supply power to those. The computer grounds the other wires when it is trying to move the IAC. You should be able to plug it in and cycle the key and it should extend and then retract

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Why do you need to "reset" it? It wont adjust itself if you cycle the key?

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