Power Window won't Close

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2017 Dodge Grand Caravan Canada Value Package 3.6L (G ERB Gas) 6-spd (62TE) — 2C4RDGBG7HR623924
Pass Power Window Won't Fully Close

Glass shop called me after front passenger door glass was replaced and neither auto up or manual up will close the window. Window goes up and then comes back down about 4 inches as soon as you let go of the button. If you look at the scan pid data when the window reaches the fully closed position my snap-on scanner reads SNA Not Programmed. Neither manual or auto will close the window and I have attempted the auto reset procedures.

Thanks for any advice.

Victor Technician

needs a door module relearn procedure (DDM/PDM) …. press down and hold it for 2 seconds past after it reaches the bottom. Then repeat for up position and hold for 2 seconds past its full close.

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Jeremy Technical Support Specialist

To relearn the door module memory after window/regulator replacement, perform the following procedure: - Using the scan tool, go to the network topology screen. - Click on the "Diagnostic Procedures" tab at the lower portion of the screen. - Run the "ECU Reset" for the DDM/PDM. - A DDM/PDM calibration missing DTC will now set. - Using the window switch, lower the door glass to the…

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Ronald Technical Support Specialist
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Did not have an ecu reset on my snappy Apollo. Vehicle went back to owner. Not sure I will get to try this procedure. Thanks

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Ronald Technical Support Specialist
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Ronald Resolution

Did not get vehicle back to try Witech procedure. Doubt I will see it again. It is a rental car I found out. Thanks for responses.

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