Digital Valve Technology Breakthrough

Scott Manager Claremont, California Posted   Latest  

Interesting article regarding a company that claims to have performed thousands of hours of testing with digital control of the intake valves:


There is a YouTube video providing more perspective as well:


What say you? The possibilities to push ICE even further are very interesting. Just think how much more the “Tuners” can get out of this... 🧐

Merle Educator
Nyssa, Oregon

Thanks for sharing Scott. Never thought they would try to open valves with an actual cam lobe electronically.

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Bill Technician
Rosetown, Saskatchewan

I find this interesting, and I wonder.. Why are we not making systems less complex ,expensive and failure prone by using something like a rotory valve to control intake and exhaust?

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David Mobile Technician
Rimforest, California

I agree, the valve stem and valve head create a restriction. This also creates turbulence which reduces volume metric flow. Hmmmm

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Jay Technician
Ridgecrest, California

Remember when EFI was first introduced? All that added complexity and cost, Toss out the distributor? Same same... I also remember stuck floats, stuck chokes and many vehicles being worn out by 100K miles. Today if one doesn't last two or three times old expectations, it is crap. I am thankful for tight fuel and timing controls that prevent flooded cylinders and protect other expensive

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Louis Diagnostician
Claremont, California

Very interesting. Looks like a take on BMW Valvetronics, for individual cylinder control, and then some. Definitely technology to keep an eye on.

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