Digital Valve Technology Breakthrough

Scott from Claremont Manager Posted   Latest  

Interesting article regarding a company that claims to have performed thousands of hours of testing with digital control of the intake valves:


There is a YouTube video providing more perspective as well:


What say you? The possibilities to push ICE even further are very interesting. Just think how much more the “Tuners” can get out of this... 🧐


Merle from Nyssa



Thanks for sharing Scott. Never thought they would try to open valves with an actual cam lobe electronically.


Bill from Rosetown



I find this interesting, and I wonder..

Why are we not making systems less complex ,expensive and failure prone by using something like a rotory valve to control intake and exhaust?


David from Rimforest


Mobile Technician

I agree, the valve stem and valve head create a restriction. This also creates turbulence which reduces volume metric flow. Hmmmm


Jay from Ridgecrest



Remember when EFI was first introduced? All that added complexity and cost, Toss out the distributor? Same same... I also remember stuck floats, stuck chokes and many vehicles being worn out by 100K miles. Today if one doesn't last two or three times old expectations, it is crap.

I am thankful for tight fuel and timing controls that prevent flooded cylinders and protect other expensive components.

"As technology improves, so will reliability..." Who said that? :-)


Louis from Claremont



Very interesting. Looks like a take on BMW Valvetronics, for individual cylinder control, and then some. Definitely technology to keep an eye on.