P241D-00 SCR Inducement

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2014 Ram ProMaster 3500 3.0L (D EXG) 6-spd (62TE)

Hello Guy's

Vehicle towed in for a Driveability issue, LOW DEF LEVEL / SERVICE DEF SYSTEM on the Electronic Vehicle Information System. scanned for fault codes..only one showed up P241D-00 SCR INDUCEMENT, and Tank Level showed 7.8% on the scan tool. Vehicle goes into limited power reduction "Limp Mode"

Tried to fill the DEF tank, but it hardly took anything....Thinking maybe the fill tube may have debris blocking the DEF fluid getting to the tank....Disconnected the fill tube at the tank, blew out the line with air...seems clear.

Tried to top off the tank with a transfer pump at the side of the tank, but it seems full, then reconnected the fill tube and continued to top off the tank, but it still didn't take much.

Rescanned for codes...P241D-00 still in system,, cannot clear code ...Tank level still shows 7.8% at scan tool. Dropped protective shield at DEF tank, check for powers and grounds at plug connection...checks o.k. With plug disconnected P203D-00 is now Active, Jump Terminals 1 and 2, P203C-00 is now Active. DEF Tank Level with Scan Tool is at 7.8% with plug disconnected.

Information researched is showing that this has a Ultrasonic DEF Level Detection in the tank Non-Serviceable Unit...Have to replace complete DEF Tank.....$ 2000.00 +

Checking to see if anyone has experienced a Condition like this before, and can share any further diagnostic information and or direction

Thank You in Advance for your HELP

Mike Diagnostician

Hi Anthony, Not a Dodge guy but if this is an ultrasonic tank level sensor it may require an airgap to correctly measure the DEF level in the tank. This means if it is inadvertently overfilled eliminating this airgap above the fluid it may read low or 0. Maybe first try draining off the tank and refilling halfway to see if the fluid level PID changes from 7%. Just a thought...... Mike

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Anthony Resolution

Hello Group I finally resolved this Drivability Issue; P241D-00 "LOW DEF LEVEL / SPEED LIMITED". Had a hard time finding diagnostic service information pertaining to this Fault Code, but everything pointed to a Defective DEF Level Sensor. that showed a DEF Level of 7.8% on my scan tool with a full tank of DEF Fluid. The DEF Level Sensor is Ultra-Sonic and is part of the DEF tank and is…

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