WIN module replacement

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2011 Ram 5500 Laramie 6.7L (L ETJ) 6-spd (AS68RC)

I need to replace a Win module on a 2011 Ram 5500. I do have the pin but only have one key, no keys came with the Win module and the original shows 2 keys programmed. Will the other key work when the customer finds it, or can i even do it without both keys. The repair info i have doesnt say anything on the keys. Is it as simple as going in and checking WIN replaced, putting the pin in and your done, because that is pretty much what i have for the replacement procedure. Thanks

Justin Mobile Technician

You should have to relearn the keys. I find it's hit and miss if they will accept the old key using witech. I have had success using used keys with aftermarket locksmith tools. Even then it isn't 100% of the time successful.

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Richard Technician

A clue to this is the manufacturer of the WIN. If the original module was made by Siemens and a Marquant module is install, the keys will not program to the new WIN. With that be said, sometimes a key will not program back to the vehicle to which it was originally programmed even if the same manufacturer module was installed.

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Arsalan Manager
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No you will have to program the keys again and its better to have all keys during programming.

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Matthew Diagnostician
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when the WCM is replaced need the security pin code. and original keys sometimes do not reprogram with new updated WCM modules. original WCM are a variant 5 and the replacement ones are variant 6. if original key fobs do not reprogram, need to get new key fobs.

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Kevin Technician

You will have to reprogram the keys and as others have mentioned used keys will typically not program into a new win module however if you have wItech You can run the procedure of erase all keys and then usually it will accept them. Or you can send me the keys and I can re-virgize them so the vehicle will think they are “new” keys

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Reid Owner/Technician
New Jersey

When replacing a WIN module it is a good idea to have at least one new key. Most of the time, but not always I have been able to program the original keys to the new module after first programming the new key. This way at worst you will end up with at least one functional key. Unlike Ford which requires 2 keys to be programmed Chrysler will function with only one key programmed.

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David Owner/Technician
David Update

I was able to reuse the original keys and did the programming with the autel. Did win replaced, erased keys and programmed original keys both with no issue. I just tried doing another 2011 ram today and that one the customer had lost all keys, i was unable to program his new key to the win module, first performed all keys lost before it would even give me an option to put pin in. Pin shows…

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