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2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LTZ 5.3L (C L83) 6-spd (6L80) — 3GCUKSEC3HG122174

I had a Chevy truck the other day and the throttle body had two position sensors built into it but the signals were sent by serial data to pcm. In older vehicles i could look for glitches in the tps with a lab scope by back probing the signal wires but now there is only one wire which is serial data. I tried to look for glitches with live data on a launch x431 scan tool koeo but the throttle plate only goes from 19% to 30% with actuation test you can go 0% to 100% but with no graph i wanted to try another scan tool but another tech was using the shops snap on scanner. I am curious to other technician diagnostic test when you cant catch it on a scan tool and the lab scope is not an option. I posted some captures of the serial data one at 10% and the other 100%

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This looks like a variant of SENT protocol transmission without the pause pulse and Picoscope might be able to decipher it — with the right settings. diag​.​net/msg/m3kwlcx1h9…

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