Tundra Lift Speedo???

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So I had another shop call me about this 2008 SR5 Tundra they did 4" lift kit to. I don't do much outside of factory work so I'm kinda hesitant to take this job on and told them I would do some research.

Question is there a way to program the new tire size on a Toyota. 

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Find out the manufacturer who made the lift and contact them to see what they recommend.

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Hypertech makes a couple different speedometer calibration units for exactly this situation. hypertech-inc​.​com/InlineSpeedome…​.​aspx I have never used it,but have read about it. Users say it works well,but customizing things to other peoples' preferences is a tough job in terms of customer satisfaction. Use your best…

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I have also been reading about those and I think it's the only way to do it. I still have question about abs and vsc, does the zero point cal take car of that or the hyper tech updates everything? I cant find anything in service info about tire size.

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