BMW / Mini - List of control modules with a high chance of failure when programming

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Programming Failure

As everyone knows, programming a control unit always has the risk of crashing the control unit but the control units below are FAR more likely to fail programming more likely than not.

Avoid programming these control units at all costs. If you have no choice, make sure to educate your customer on the chances of failure. If they fail, the control unit will most likely need to be replaced.

•Sequential Manual Gearbox (SMG) - E6x Non-Motorsport Cars

•Footwell Module (FRM) - All E SERIES / R Series

•Front Electronics Module (FEM) - All F Series

•Car Access Module (CAS) - All E Series / R Series

•Junction Box Electronics (JBE) - E Series / R Series

•Car Communication Computer (CCC) - All E Series / R Series

•Car Information Computer (CIC) - E Series/ F Series / R Series

•Headunit High (HU-H) - F Series

•Instrument Cluster (KOMBI) - F Series

•Digital Motor Electronics (DME) MS45 - E46 / E83

•Digital Motor Electronics (DME) - MSV80 - E83 / E85 / E86 / E90

If you are in a situation of programming failure, disconnect the battery and perform a capacitive discharge then reattempt the programming.

Feel free to add to the list if i have missed any. 

James Technician

Is this only happening with Autologic units? or is it a problem with ISTA too? I have updated a lot of DME MS 45 and MSV80 with Autologic with no problems yet.

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Nelson Technical Support Specialist
New York

Those two control units fail have a high chance of failure when programming with ISTA/P also.

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